'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Is Now the Highest Grossing Movie Ever

'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Is Now the Highest Grossing Movie Ever

Jan 06, 2016

Move over Avatar, there's a new king of the box office... in North America, that is.

As of Wednesday morning, Star Wars: The Force Awakens has officially passed James Cameron's Avatar to become the highest grossing movie ever in the United States. The number to beat was $760.5 million, which it has, becoming only the second movie to ever gross over $700 million domestically.

But can it beat Avatar at the worldwide box office? That's the big question now, and all signs are pointing to it coming in at number... two. At $1.54 billion, The Force Awakens still has a long way to go to overtake Avatar's staggering $2.78 billion at the global box office. Yes, Star Wars hasn't opened in China yet -- and that very well could be a difference-maker here -- but it still has almost a billion dollars to make up in order to become the world champ.

A more likely scenario is that Star Wars beats Titanic's $2.19 billion to become the second highest grosser of all-time, which ain't too shabby. All eyes are on China now, with the film set to debut there on January 9. Regardless of the records it does or does not break, expect Star Wars: The Force Awakens to remain in theaters for a good while and then pop back up in theaters later in the year, perhaps as a way to help promote the next two Star Wars movies, Rogue One and Episode VIII, set to arrive five months apart from one another this December and May 2017, respectively.

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