Here's What 'Star Wars' Would Look Like as an '80s High School Movie

Here's What 'Star Wars' Would Look Like as an '80s High School Movie

Aug 14, 2012

Italy-based artist Denis Medri — whose work we spotted on Design Taxi — has creatively and hilariously imagined what various Star Wars icons would look like in high school. He's even cast them as tropes from 1980s cinema. Jabba is transformed into the "fat bastard janitor," armed with a mop and a sandwich. Palpatine is the "evil principal" à la Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Tarkin is the "severe" math and sciences teacher, while Kenobi takes the role of the "kind history and literature teacher." Yoda, of course, appears as the "old sage Asian coach" channeling The Karate Kid. Meanwhile, R2D2 and C3P0 look amazing as nerdy outcasts, and we love the way Medri has personified them. Lando is… Lando, and Greedo looks like someone I dated in high school. A job well done, sir!

Head to Medri's website for more Star Wars antics and other pop-culture makeovers — including DC cowboys, steampunk Spiderman, and rockabilly Batman.





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