'Star Wars: Episode 7' Will Feature an Original Story; No Director Attached Yet

'Star Wars: Episode 7' Will Feature an Original Story; No Director Attached Yet

Oct 31, 2012

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After 24 hours of rampant speculation and countless articles, Disney has now revealed that the new trilogy of Star Wars films will not be based on any existing works. That means no Thrawn trilogy, no comic stories, no video games (which is a shame – the world of Star Wars 1313 seemed pretty intriguing) – nothing you’ve ever seen or read before, in other words.

This is an interesting development, given that many had speculated the Timothy Zahn’s Thrawn series – set after the events in Return of the Jedi – was the most logical place to start the next series of films. It isn’t meant to be, though. Sources inside are telling EW that Lucas has written treatments for the next three films and that they’re entirely new. This is bad news for all of us writing articles about what comes next. Does this mean we're getting new characters? Only time will tell.

Meanwhile, rumors of various directors being considered are also premature. As of this time, no director is attached to Episode 7.

So, it appears as though we’re all back to square one when it comes to guessing where Star Wars will go under Disney’s direction. We anticipate that there’ll be hundreds of rumors in the days and weeks ahead – and we’ll bring them to you as they come to light – but until something comes direct from Disney or LucasFilm, file everything you hear about the future of Star Wars in the “rumor” file. 

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