The Search for the New 'Star Wars' Director Is Almost Over

The Search for the New 'Star Wars' Director Is Almost Over

Nov 14, 2012

Frank MarshallOur long national nightmare is almost over according to Frank Marshall – the search for a Star Wars: Episode VII director is winding down. What will we do for news when we can no longer write breathlessly speculative articles guessing who is or isn’t in the hunt based mostly on fanboy wish fulfillment?

If you’re wondering what Frank Marshall has to do with any of this, he’s the husband of Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy – so odds are he probably knows a thing or two about what’s going on. Pillow talk in that household must be pretty interesting.

MTV caught up with Marshall recently and he says the search is “down to a couple of candidates.” Yep. That’s the big revelation here. This is how Star Wars crazy we’ve all become. Marshall doesn’t hint at who those candidates might (or might not) be or even give us a clue if any of the speculation is on the right track, but this is still news. I guess it’s sort of exciting if only because it means the end of this phase of Star Wars mania is about to end and we can all move on to casting and the story. I’ll welcome the change of pace. I love Star Wars – but man…

If you're looking for detailed speculation with actual names, head on over to /Film -- where they break down the theory that Brave codirector Brenda Chapman is now involved in the project. Chapman might not be in the running for director (but it would be interesting to have a woman direct a Star Wars film -- just tossing that out there), but she appears to be in the mix somehow.

In other less interesting news, Marshall would be involved if another Indiana Jones film were to be made – but based on his comments, that doesn’t seem likely to happen anytime soon. Right now, Disney and Lucasfilm are focused on Star Wars for the foreseeable future. Just imagine – if the hype is this crazy now, what will it be like when we near the film’s release in 2015? 

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