Latest Rumored 'Star Wars: Episode VII' Director Is Not Who You'd Expect

Latest Rumored 'Star Wars: Episode VII' Director Is Not Who You'd Expect

Nov 07, 2012

Back when Sony decided to bring Marc Webb onboard for The Amazing Spider-Man reboot, the studio got some heat from fans for selecting a director with no major comic or superhero movie experience. He wasn't one of the geek-friendly top choices; instead he was a guy who knew how to deliver small, relatable, heartfelt stories that spoke to the youth. That's what truly made The Amazing Spider-Man a different kind of superhero movie -- one that felt more human, emotional and intimate -- and it's what Disney may be considering when it comes to the new Star Wars trilogy it is planning.

So far we've heard all sorts of big, nerdy names associated with Star Wars: Episode VII, with X-Men: First Class director Matthew Vaughn already rumored to be in discussions. Now, according to Celebuzz, they've thrown a surprising name into the mix, confirming he's already met with George Lucas and Lucasfilm about the Star Wars sequel. That name is Colin Trevorrow, and like Webb his last film, Safety Not Guaranteed, is a romantic comedy (albeit one with a sci-fi twist) that puts more emphasis on the personal relationships than it does its time-travel plotline. 

All they say is that he's met with folks because Lucas really dug Safety Not Guaranteed, but would they really trust the next Star Wars movie to a guy who just debuted his first film? It'd be a ballsy movie, not unlike the selection of Webb to take over Spider-Man, but it would signal that Disney wants to move away from the sort of lifeless plotlines of the prequels and deliver a sequel trilogy with heart and soul, as well as awesome lightsaber battles. 

What do you think? Would a director like Trevorrow be a smart choice for Episode VII?

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