'Star Wars: Episode VIII' Will Attack Set Spies With Drones

'Star Wars: Episode VIII' Will Attack Set Spies With Drones

Feb 23, 2016

J.J. Abrams may not be directing Star Wars: Episode VIII, but that doesn't mean Rian Johnson's movie has completely done away with the mystery box. There is no movie franchise that people love to try and sneak early peeks at more than this, which is unfortunate for those at Disney and Lucasfilm who don't want people spoiled by cruddy, unauthorized pictures. In the past a lot of this snooping behavior could be thwarted by a few tough looking dudes patrolling any areas someone may try to stand with a camera. But this is 2016 and we are in the dawning age of the drone.

So how do you stop someone flying over your set and filming you as you film? By attacking their drone with your own drone, obviously.

Apparently that's exactly what Episode VIII is planning to do during its shoot in Croatia. According to a report on a Croatian fan site (spotted by Making Star Wars), Lucasfilm has employed a team of drone pilots who will patrol the skies, ready to somehow take down any snooping gadgets that try to fly over the set. But since that's still probably not enough, they've reportedly also hired 600 guards to protect their secrets during the shoot.

Considering that's a pretty absurd number of guards for a film set there may be something getting lost in translation here, but the drone protection scheme isn't that unbelievable. The Dutch National Police are already training eagles to take down the hovering menaces and there are a number of ways to capture or ground a drone using other drones. If anyone is going to go all out to create a shield of privacy during filming in very open spaces, it's Star Wars

Plus, it's also just fun to imagine there's a battle using flying robots happening over the skies of a new Star Wars movie.


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