The Ugliest 'Star Wars' Apparel is Also the Most Expensive

The Ugliest 'Star Wars' Apparel is Also the Most Expensive

Jul 03, 2012

Have you ever wanted proof why it's probably not a good idea to mix the Star Wars universe with the world of high fashion? Well search no further than this series of ridiculous-looking Star Wars apparel from the Tokyo/Paris based company Comme des Garcon. For some odd reason they've decided to put out a line of insanely overpriced Star Wars gear that looks as if someone in 1985 stuffed it in a time machine and sent it to 2012. Yes, it's that bad.

Even worse is how much this clothing is going for. That shirt above? It's $350! Those generic t-shirts below that look like the kind you buy at Target for $10 are going for a whopping $100. This is no joke. George Lucas has licensed out the Star Wars brand for some odd reasons over the years, but the fact that anyone over at Star Wars HQ would actually approve this -- at these prices -- is pretty scary. We get the high fashion angle and the fact that these are rare and from Paris or whatever, but you're catering to an audience that couldn't care less about that world. So, really, who wins here? 

Would you ever consider buying one of these? [via Geekologie]


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