The 'Star Wars' Sequel That Never Was, Plus: Is This Our First Look at the New Chewbacca?

The 'Star Wars' Sequel That Never Was, Plus: Is This Our First Look at the New Chewbacca?

May 05, 2014

Star Wars Spinter of the Mind's Eye coverStar Wars Day might be over for another year, but there’s still plenty of news from a galaxy far, far away to share with you today.

First up, our friends over at Screen Crush have a great feature about the sequel to Star Wars that never happened. As hard-core fans already know, George Lucas had plans for multiple films before the original Star Wars ever hit a single theater. Since he couldn’t possibly know if the first film would resonate with audiences, he couldn’t lock in where, exactly, the second film would go. As such, he planned both Empire Strikes Back and a smaller sequel called Splinter of the Mind’s Eye, which was published as a novel and essentially became the first piece of expanded-universe fiction.

In the book, Luke and Leia square off against Darth Vader on a swamp planet that evokes memories of Dagobah. The book’s highlight (aside from more squirm-inducing sexual tension between Luke and Leia) is reading about the princess taking on the Dark Lord of the Sith in a lightsaber duel.

Since Lucas’ original film made so much money, Splinter of the Mind’s Eye never made it to the screen, but it remains a fascinating relic showing us how Star Wars might have evolved in a very different (and much smaller) way.

Getting back to the present-day universe, we've also received what may be our first look at Chewbacca in the new films. 

The photo below turned up yesterday on the LucasFilm Instagram account, and features Disney boss Bob Iger hanging out with a familiar looking Wookie.

If this is indeed the Episode VII version of Chewie, things are looking good. 

Chewbacca and Bob Iger


Finally, you’d think J.J. Abrams  and Lawrence Kasdan would be really, really busy getting Episode VII up and running, but the duo found time to leave this video message for Star Wars fans celebrating the series yesterday on May the Fourth. Check it out below.

[via YouTube]


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