'Star Wars' Blu-ray Changes Roundup: Collecting All the New George Lucas Edits

'Star Wars' Blu-ray Changes Roundup: Collecting All the New George Lucas Edits

Aug 31, 2011

As we approach the release of all six Star Wars films on Blu-ray, those who have gotten their hands on some early copies are reporting even more changes from George Lucas, some of which are truly head-scratching if true. We've collected all the apparent changes from a number of sources online, and you can check them out below. We'll also update this post if more changes are released. 

Note: Until the Blu-rays are officially released, keep in mind that these changes may not be true. With all the buzz around these changes, it wouldn't surprise us to see some pranksters have a go at it too.

Star Wars Epsidode I: The Phanton Menace

-- The puppet Yoda has been replaced by the CGI Yoda used in Episodes II and III. See video below.

Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

-- Obi-Wan's dragon call used to scare away the Sand People has been altered to include a weird scream. (The video below is not from the Blu-ray, but it does sync up the leaked audio from the Blu-ray and matches it to the original scene.)

Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

-- According to this video (said to be from the Blu-ray) a CGI Dug has been added to Jabba's palace

-- Based on this video, it looks like the door to Jabba's palace has gotten a lot bigger.

-- The Ewoks now blink


-- More TIE fighters were added to this scene in Return of the Jedi (see the end of the video)


-- Darth Vader screams "No" right before he tosses the Emperor to his death

We're sure there will be other minor changes revealed as we get closer to the Blu-ray release date of September 16th. (And if we missed any let us know in the comments so we can add them to this page.) 

Which change (if any) bothers you the most?

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