'Star Wars' Roundup: Massive Prop Auction on the Horizon, Plus Interactive Apps Retell the Tales of Episodes I - VI

'Star Wars' Roundup: Massive Prop Auction on the Horizon, Plus Interactive Apps Retell the Tales of Episodes I - VI

May 02, 2014

Star Wars Fisher, Ford, Hamill behind the scenes

Everyone’s busy talking about Star Wars: Episode VII this week, but if you’re a fan of the original trilogy with a few bucks to spare, this news will probably be more interesting than a billion casting announcements.

Carrie Fisher, better known as Princess Leia, is set to auction off Star Wars memorabilia from her own personal collection later this month. It’s all part of a massive event organized by her mother (Debbie Reynolds) set to take place on May 17 and 18.

The auction, named Debbie Reynolds: The Auction Finale, will feature a treasure trove of movie memorabilia, but it’s Fisher’s Star Wars goodies that are getting the most press. The actress is set to sell off 20 photos of her and the stars of George Lucas’s trilogy, along with signed personal posters, a lithograph, and an ink sketch of the princess herself.

As tempting as all that is, one item sure to appeal to hard-core collectors with very deep pockets is the VistaVision Motion Picture Camera #29, which was used to shoot special effects in Star Wars. Talk about an ultrarare piece of movie history…

Bidding for the camera is expected to exceed $60,000, so start hitting up your friends for loans now.

Check out some of the amazing items up for grab in the video below. [via CNET]

If the auction items are a little out of your price range, maybe these new Star Wars Interactive Storybooks will be more in line with your budget.

In an attempt to get younger viewers up to speed with the story of a galaxy far, far away, Disney Publishing has teamed up with Lucasfilm to create an app series of interactive storybooks that tell the tales of the previous films. Yes, now we can all relive the excitement of the intergalactic senate debates from Episode I. Huzzah!

For $6.99, Apple device owners (sorry, Android lovers) can purchase the new apps, which feature interactive storytelling, extensive databases and a game. $6.99 feels steep for this sort of app, but if you love Star Wars and want to get your kids up to speed, this might be the ticket. Of course, you could just always, you know, show them the movies. [via Variety]





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