Watch: Amazing Fan-Made 'Star Wars' Anime, and Why Its Creator Doesn't Want You to Watch It

Watch: Amazing Fan-Made 'Star Wars' Anime, and Why Its Creator Doesn't Want You to Watch It

Sep 17, 2012

Over the weekend a really cool fan-made Star Wars short slipped onto YouTube via YouTuber Otaking77077, and not long after that it took off. The excellent piece of anime detailed a pretty epic space battle between the Imperials and the Rebels, featuring several iconic ships we've seen throughout the films. The original version was uploaded without any sound, then quickly removed by its creator, only to find it replaced by someone else and remixed with "Sleigh Bells," which completely ruins the thing. That's the version currently making the rounds, with several outlets questioning why the original version was removed. Did LucasFilm come after Otaking77077 and force him (or her) to take it off YouTube?

Nope, from what we gather, Otaking77077 removed it because, well, it's not done yet. Another fan uploaded a version with sound effects included (which is the one we have in this post; see above), and they tacked on a message from the short's creator which basically says it wasn't ready to be seen by the world.

From Otaking77077: "Haha, that is really rather excellent. I did grin quite creepily when I heard the first TIE sound effect... recognised the AT-AT walking sound too! I won't ask you to take it down, though I really am trying to keep it low profile since it's rough and unfinished (about 30 people have been helping critique it on the 4chan /m/ mecha board, so it was supposed to be only them seeing it until it was complete, but then it got posted on 109, Twitter, etc. and flew out of control). Maybe if you could slap a disclaimer in the title or info, saying how it is completely work in progress?"

So, no, Lucasfilm isn't coming after them yet, though if they do it should be to make them a part of the team. You don't realize how much you want Star Wars anime until you watch Star Wars anime. This short makes the action feel chaotic, sure, but extremely personal. It connects you to all the players involved, good and bad, in ways other pieces of Star Wars animation haven't been able to pull off (and it's only two minutes long!). Here's hoping we see more from Otaking77077 in the future, and while you watch this please keep in mind that it is a work in progress. [via io9, YouTube]


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