How a Canceled 'Star Wars' Video Game Might Change the Way Movies Are Made

How a Canceled 'Star Wars' Video Game Might Change the Way Movies Are Made

Sep 23, 2013

One of the saddest casualties of Disney acquiring the rights to the Star Wars universe was the video game Star Wars 1313 being unceremoniously canceled after it was well into development. However, while the game might still be dead, some of its technology lives on – and could change the way films are made in the future.

To illustrate the point, LucasFilm held a presentation for BAFTA in the U.K. last week wherein they demonstrated how in the not-too-distant future it will be possible to do all of the postproduction FX work (and the like) as shooting is occurring. We'’ll allow them to explain in more detail…

“Everyone has seen what we can do in movies, and I think most people will agree the video game industry is catching up quite quickly, especially in the next generation of console titles. I’m pretty sure within the next decade, we’re going to see a convergence in terms of traditional visual effects capabilities -- making realistic fire, creatures, and environments – but working completely interactively. We think that computer graphics are going to be so realistic in real time computer graphics that, over the next decade, we’ll start to be able to take the post out of postproduction; where you’ll leave a movie set and the shot is pretty much complete…

…If you combine video games with filmmaking techniques, you can start to have these real deep, multiuser experiences. Being able to animate, edit and compose live is going to change the way we work and it’s really going to bring back the creative experience in digital effects.”

Check out the video to see exactly what they’re talking about. This very well could be the wave of the future. [via Geek Tyrant]

Here's some more of what the game looked like before it was canceled.



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