Image of the Day: Star Trek in Real Life Graphic

Image of the Day: Star Trek in Real Life Graphic

Oct 18, 2011

Star Trek

Ever happen to catch the TV special How William Shatner Changed the World? It was a partially tongue-in-cheek but mostly loving look at the surprising ways that Star Trek ended up changing the world. Basically, it gathered together a bunch of leading scientists from around the globe who all revealed that they were inspired by some of the future gizmos they'd seen in both the Star Trek series and films and how they dedicated their careers to finding a way to bring those fictional devices to the real world. It was a highly enjoyable special, so if you're ever flipping through the channels, do give it your time.

Until that fated late night cable flipping arrives, however, (via Sortable) has shared this handy infographic breaking down some of the most popular pieces of tech from the series and then explaining how close we are to see them become a reality. Note: because the infographic is quite large, we've cropped just a portion of it here. Click it to see the whole shebang.

And just for giggles, here's the intro to How William Shatner Changed the World:

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