Is This the Weirdest Piece of 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Fandom Yet?

Is This the Weirdest Piece of 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Fandom Yet?

Jun 21, 2013


In recent years, the art of the movie poster has become its own empire. Companies like Mondo have been selling artist-made one sheets like hotcakes, and studios are creating eye-catching designs that push boundaries with motion posters and other creative ideas. The poster for J. J. Abrams Star Trek Into Darkness features an apocalyptic scene. While it's befitting of the film's dark tone and a fairly nifty design, nothing about it screamed groundbreaking.

Beauty and fashion blogger Sahily changed that when she created an intricate makeup look inspired by the Star Trek poster ON HER FREAKING EYEBALL. OK, her eyelid, really. "This is not a wearable look, but rather a demonstration of artistic ability," she writes on her website. We spotted the image on Geekologie and can't stop thinking about how it doubles as a cool makeup effect. It definitely resembles the eye socket of doom that Star Trek's Borg characters have. We also get some major Terminator vibes. Our only wish is that she maintained the shape of the Star Trek symbol by bringing the design up rather than out. To complain about that is unnecessarily geeky, though, so we'll sit quietly over here while you enjoy these photos.



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