Early Buzz: What Critics Are Saying About 'Star Trek Into Darkness'

Early Buzz: What Critics Are Saying About 'Star Trek Into Darkness'

May 01, 2013

I’m more excited about Star Trek Into Darkness than any of the other big tentpole films set to release this summer – so I’m really pleased to see that the early reviews from the film’s U.K. debut are generally positive. We may not get to see Kirk and crew’s latest adventure until May 17, but the early buzz seems to indicate that it’s going to be well worth the wait.

We’ve collected some of the best (spoiler-free) quotes from the various reviews out there for your perusal – it’s interesting to note how many of them make mention of Star Wars. My inner geek is already kicking into hyperdrive at hearing Empire say this entry proves J.J. Abrams could make a Star Wars flick on par with Empire Strikes Back. That’s high praise.

Check out the quotes below and click on the links to check out the full reviews. Do these early blurbs have you even more excited for Star Trek Into Darkness or was your anticipation already set to warp speed?

Empire: Of course, Abrams will next tackle Star Wars, and it is tempting to overanalyse Into Darkness for clues to Episode VII. Abrams clearly prefers proper sets to green-screens, doesn’t shy from men in suits and old-school in-camera trickery, fosters lovely grace-notes to stellar ILM work — look out for the new trails of space dust that follow warp speed — and gives good running down corridors. If he just takes his time and lets his patent skill with characters breathe, he’ll make The Empire Strikes Back.

Hey U Guys: Star Trek Into Darkness comes to the screen with much expected of it. It had to maintain the new energy and beating heart of its predecessor yet strike out to new ground, with new battles to fight and new frontiers to find. Abrams arguably has a harder task this time around. To go one better, to improve on an extremely strong opening and although it is by no means flawless he has made another fine, and fun, Star Trek film.

Digital Spy: Star Trek Into Darkness earns its title, but the dark shades are still primary colors. This is still a hopeful universe in which people are good and bravery is rewarded and friendship is worth fighting for, and Abrams couldn't have made a smarter decision than putting Kirk and Spock's bond at the forefront. It's an exhilarating, emotionally rich and utterly pleasurable journey that wears its love for Trek fans old and new on its sleeve.

Total Film: Star Trek Into Darkness opens with thrusters on maximum – and then it puts its foot down.

Den of Geek: And at its best, thrilling is just what Star Trek Into Darkness is. It's little secret what project J.J. Abrams is moving onto next, and the quality of the space-based action sequences here suggests that Star Wars: Episode VII is in extremely capable hands.

Guardian: There's consequently a palpable air of world-weariness about this Star Trek; it's as if Abrams and his writers concluded they couldn't replicate the cockiness and bounce of the first film, and opted instead to allow their characters to grow up a little.

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