See the Greatest 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Behind-the-Scenes Photo

See the Greatest 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Behind-the-Scenes Photo

Apr 09, 2013

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There are a number of things that make this behind-the-scenes image from Star Trek Into Darkness spectacular. For starters, it's the dorkiest image we've seen from the film yet. Up until this point the Star Trek sequel has bombarded us with intensity -- from Benedict Cumberbatch's creepy Khan-esque villain to a plethora of action-sequence teasers -- and so, finally, we have a photo to remind us the sequel will still welcome those moments of comic relief.

So who's the little dude standing next to J.J. Abrams? Well he's actually a character called Keenser, who was one of the more adorably lovable creatures in the 2009 Star Trek reboot. You'll remember he was the little alien dude stationed at that isolated Federation outpost with Scotty (Simon Pegg). He was all sad and whatnot when the Enterprise brought Scotty on board, and so we were relieved later on when Scotty brought Keenser onto the Enterprise to work as an engineer. 

Thankfully he's back for the sequel, and he's rockin' some sweet attire. For more on Keenser, here's a hilarious video a fan put together where he talks about the character while his kid yells in the background. 

Trust us, this is so much better than an actual clip from the movie.

Star Trek Into Darkness (now with more Keenser!) hits theaters on May 17.



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