Watch: 'Star Drunk' Is What Happens When Nerds Write Drunk and Act Drunk

Watch: 'Star Drunk' Is What Happens When Nerds Write Drunk and Act Drunk

Aug 29, 2013

There are a lot of short film competitions out there that challenge people with a set of creative constrictions. Some require you to make a film in only 48 hours, while some give you a fixed batch of dialogue you have to work into a story.

And then some require you to be drunk.

Okay, so as far as we know there is no competition for drunk filmmaking. If there were, however, director Chris R. Wilson and his crew might just have it in the bag. For whatever reason, Wilson and his friends decided to get drunk one night and write a script, with the promise that no matter what ended up on the page, they'd film it. That wasn't enough, though. So they then demanded that the actors be drunk during filming. And so Star Drunk, a mixture of Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica and vodka, was born.

Have you ever been at a party where you're sober and everyone else is wasted and having a lot of fun--so much fun that it's actually a little obnoxious. That kind of applies to Star Drunk. It's almost as though their drunkness is dialed to 11, and you may be inclined to chalk it up to just bad, over-the-top acting; sober people doing a caricature of drunk people. But if you watch the below behind-the-scenes video, it's very, very clear that there was no acting involved. They really were just wasted.

Obviously we don't condone that you get drunk and make movies, but if you do, hopefully they're at least as entertaining and surprisingly well polished (whoever did the VFX must have stayed sober) as Star Drunk.




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