Remember FX Legend Stan Winston with This Very Cool Tribute Video

Remember FX Legend Stan Winston with This Very Cool Tribute Video

Apr 25, 2014

Stan Winston and teamIt’s hard to believe that this summer will mark the six-year anniversary of the legendary Stan Winston’s passing. The FX icon was responsible for some of cinema’s most magical creations, and his death back in 2008 has left an unfillable void in the world of special effects work, and in the hearts of film geeks everywhere.

The outpouring of sadness over Winston losing his battle with multiple myeloma was massive – and this tribute video was one of the best things to emerge from the Internet’s collective grief. It’s easy to forget how many films Winston worked on over the years – classics like Jurassic Park, Aliens and The Terminator, to lesser known (but no less loved) titles like Pumpkinhead. This video pays tribute to not only the man’s timeless work, but to Winston himself.

Stan may not be with us in the traditional sense anymore, but his work and influence lives on in the films he helped create and the special effects school that bears his name. His former Stan Winston Studio supervisors continue to make movie magic in his honor at their own company, Legacy Effects.

Check out the tribute video below, then swing by Cinephilia and Beyond for some more Winston goodies – including the rarely seen Winston segment from the SFX Museum Volume 4: Special Make-Up Effects LaserDisc. 

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