See How Stan Winston Almost Built a Real-Life Terminator for 'Terminator 3'

See How Stan Winston Almost Built a Real-Life Terminator for 'Terminator 3'

Aug 20, 2013

Terminator T1-7

If you love special effects and aren’t subscribed to the Stan Winston School’s YouTube page, you’re missing out. The school regularly updates its postings with behind-the-scenes clips showcasing how it made movie magic happen – and today’s video is no exception.

Terminator 3 will never be remembered as the best film in the series, but it did have a few cool things going for it. One of the coolest were the massive T1 robots, which were giant mechanical creations that looked like they came straight out of RoboCop.

The newest Winston School video shows how these rolling behemoths were created for the film – and what’s really amazing about it all is how Winston’s team essentially built their very own real-life Terminators.

There were multiple T1 models built for the film, but two of them were fully functioning remote controlled robots with elaborate working hydraulics, a weapons system designed to look as authentic as possible, and mounted on custom-made treads. If not for the wires needed to make the hydraulics function, these machines could roam freely by remote. How awesome is that?

Winston technicians Rich Haugen and Brian Namanny walk viewers through the video, outlining how the T1s were conceptualized and assembled. The level of detail and dedication to creating something that looks and feels authentic is really amazing – and another reminder of why the late Winston and his team are among the best FX people in the biz.

Go behind the scenes with the T-101 in the video below, then be sure to check out more of Winston’s brand of movie magic by checking out the school’s YouTube page

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