The Real Story Behind Stan Lee's Marvelous Nude Centerfold

The Real Story Behind Stan Lee's Marvelous Nude Centerfold

Aug 24, 2012

Stan Lee Centerfold

As card-carrying comic geeks, we love Stan Lee as much as anybody. The man behind Marvel Comics has done it all during his lengthy career – created some of the medium’s most enduring characters, worked in television, appeared in movies, and he was also the subject of a "tasteful" centerfold pinup photo sure to please the ladies. Bet you probably didn’t know that last part.

Author Sean Howe recently shared a photo of Lee letting it all hang out as part of the lead-up to his upcoming book Marvel Comics: The Untold Story – and let me be the first to say “fathers, lock up your daughters… because Stan 'The Man' is on the prowl.” 

Lee posed for the photo way back in 1983 for inclusion in The Marvel Fumetti Book – a project designed to show some of the wild and crazy happenings behind the scenes at the company. While that probably seems quaint in the Internet age, it was an interesting idea back during the Reagan years.

Stan, never one to miss out on being part of a good gag (in this case, maybe literally), was all too eager to do his best impersonation of a Playgirl centerfold, posing nude with only a strategically placed oversized comic book keeping viewers from spotting his version of the Thing. The only other "thing" missing from this vintage piece of '80s erotica is a snazzy gold chain.

Unfortunately, the racy photo never made it into the book – Lee’s assistant called stating “Stan is wild. He should not have been naked for your centerfold. Please. Don’t.” The photo was then modified, with Lee’s sexiness covered up with an Incredible Hulk costume (see below), while the actual photo was hidden away until now. That was probably for the best.

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