What to Expect from 'Spy Kids 4' "Aroma-Scope" -- Will the Theater Smell Like Robert Rodriguez?

What to Expect from 'Spy Kids 4' "Aroma-Scope" -- Will the Theater Smell Like Robert Rodriguez?

Aug 18, 2011

So you're heading out to the movies this weekend with the little ones, and you're interested in seeing the latest Spy Kids installment, Spy Kids: All the Time in the World, but you're a little weary about this whole "Aroma-Scope" situation. What is "Aroma-Scope" and will all theaters be pumped full of weird smells crafted by Robert Rodriguez's warped brain?

Well, the good news is, no, you will not be overwhelmed by strange smells inside the theater unless some kid near you craps his pants. However, on a related note, Rodriguez told the LA Times that he was inspired to add "Aroma-Scope" to the latest Spy Kids adventure after smelling the dirty diaper of Jessica Alba's kid. We imagine his next words were, "What if we can get an entire theater full of people to smell baby sh*t at the same exact time?! Genius!"

How, then, does "Aroma-Scope" work if smells aren't pumped into the theater? Well, what will happen is when you enter the theater you'll be given a pair of 3D glasses and a postcard that comes with 8 scratch-and-sniff squares. Each square is numbered and embedded with its own unique scent. When a number appears on screen during the movie, that's your signal to scratch and sniff the square that matches the number.

Parents will be happy to know that it's up to the audience member to decide whether they want to participate in the "Aroma-Scope", though be warned that it may be hard to see the cards in a darkened theater. Expect to hear a lot of "I can't see the number -- which square do I scratch?" complaints from surrounding audience members, but at least it's better than being forced to smell the inside of the Alba baby's diaper.

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