Get Your First Look at 'Spring Breakers,' 'Sightseers' and the Restoration of Stanley Kubrick's Debut Film

Get Your First Look at 'Spring Breakers,' 'Sightseers' and the Restoration of Stanley Kubrick's Debut Film

Aug 29, 2012

We really want to love Harmony Korine's Spring Breakers, which stars James Franco (with cornrows!), Selena Gomez (!?), Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson and Rachel Korine. After the four girls end up in jail for robbing a restaurant to fund their booze-filled vacation, they find themselves bailed out by a drug-and-arms dealer who angles the good deed for nefarious means. The Playlist shared a short clip introducing the girls, who talk trash about suburbia and modern life, while making pew-pew noises at everything around them. What's not to love? Check it out and brace yourself for the insane reviews that will filter our way after the movie makes its premiere at the 69th Venice International Film Festival in September.


A "ginger-faced man and an angry woman" go on holiday. Chris (Steve Oram) wants to take his sweetheart Tina (Alice Lowe) away from her sheltered life. He brings her to various landmarks in the rolling countryside, but their idyllic road trip quickly turns to chaos when the ill-tempered Chris starts murdering everyone in his path. Innocent tourists do not want to be anywhere near this guy. The trailer is wonderfully dark and funny — that signature blend of comedy and horror that we've grown to love Edgar Wright (who produces the movie) and Ben Wheatley of Kill List fame for. Wheatley's twisted love story releases on November 30 in the U.K., and hopefully Sightseers will appear in the U.S. soon after.


Kino Lorber has brought Stanley Kubrick's Fear and Desire to Blu-ray, and a trailer for the release has arrived. Kubrick made his first feature-length film during his 20s, but wasn't thrilled with the end result, and at one point attempted to destroy all copies of it. A print surfaced, the George Eastman House helped restore it to life, and the rarely screened, anti-war drama recently appeared on TCM.

When a platoon during the Second World War finds themselves stranded on a mission, they encounter a mysterious, young woman. An unsettling scene where the men tie her to a tree and make sexual advances suggests the outcome isn't pleasant. Kino Lorber's Blu-ray cut of Kubrick's first film — guaranteed to be fantastic based on their catalog — will hit stores October 23, but you can pre-order the movie on September 25. [via The Movie Box]

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