Watch/Learn: 2011 Nokia Shorts Winner 'Splitscreen: A Love Story'

Watch/Learn: 2011 Nokia Shorts Winner 'Splitscreen: A Love Story'

Jul 06, 2011

splitscreen a love story

Shot entirely on the Nokia N8 mobile phone, Splitscreen: A Love Story was the winner of the 2011 Nokia Shorts competition. Directed by JW Griffiths, the film follows a split-screen of two people in different cities who ... well, you'll have to watch it. While shooting an entire short film utilizing split-screen isn't exactly the freshest premise, the execution here is brilliant -- especially in the tiny ways Griffiths plays each city (Paris, New York and London are all featured) off the other, connecting them in a way that makes it feel like one complete space. Kudos also go out to Lennert Busch, who composed the perfect score to accompany the visuals. Just goes to show you how much you can accomplish with the camera on a mobile phone these days. Watch the short below.

Splitscreen: A Love Story from JW Griffiths on Vimeo.


To learn more about the film and how it was made, check out this behind-the-scenes video. Most interesting to us were the different DIY camera rigs they used to shoot. Learn more below.


Splitscreen: A Making Of - Part 1 from JW Griffiths on Vimeo.

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