Steven Spielberg's 'Halo' Is Close to Becoming a TV Series on Showtime

Steven Spielberg's 'Halo' Is Close to Becoming a TV Series on Showtime

May 05, 2014

Halo Master ChiefWhile gamers are still clamoring for a movie based on Microsoft’s wildly popular Halo franchise, they may have to settle for the next best thing: a Showtime television series chronicling the adventures of Master Chief in his war against intergalactic invaders.

Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment has been hard at work developing a series based on the sci-fi shooter about a faceless supersoldier taking on multiple alien enemies for the past year. Now they’re closing in on finding showrunners to bring writer Stuart Beattie’s vision to the screen with an eye on getting the series set up at Showtime.

Part of the reason negotiations have dragged on centered on the fact that the Halo series would not only air on the same network as Homeland, but will also be available to Xbox owners through their home consoles for streaming. The move is part of Microsoft’s strategy to present its video game systems as not only something to play games on, but as a hub of entertainment in the living room.

Here's video of Steven Spielberg discussing the TV show from last year.


While Halo doesn’t push a lot of boundaries in terms of content, landing on a cable network would give the series creators more leeway in terms of what they can do with the story. It’s a win for Showtime as well, as the game franchise has sold well over 50 million copies since its debut back in 2002. There’s a large built-in audience for Halo – and if the show’s quality is high, this could potentially become the network’s answer to HBO’s Game of Thrones.

With four main games and several spin-offs and prequels to draw from, a Halo series could run for years by just adapting the material that already exists. It may not be the big-budget movie many were hoping for, but Master Chief and Cortana could certainly find an appreciative audience on the small screen. Would a Halo series make you happy or are you still holding out hopes for a feature-film version someday?

[via Variety]


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