Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg Are Planning Another War Film Together

Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg Are Planning Another War Film Together

Apr 21, 2014

Spielberg Hanks Saving Private Ryan

Steven Spielberg has only directed Tom Hanks in three feature films (Saving Private Ryan, Catch Me if You Can and The Terminal). It seems like a lot more than that, however, because when the pair get together, the results seem so effortless you'd think they made every film together. Sadly they haven't made a film together in the decade since The Terminal, though that could soon change. The Wrap is reporting that both Hanks and Spielberg have just become attached to a new, currently untitled war thriller.

This time around the duo would be setting their sights on the Cold War to tell the true story of James B. Donovan, the lawyer who helped negotiate the release of pilot Gary Powers after Russia shot down his spy plane. A courtroom thriller where we all know the outcome may not sound like inherently thrilling material, but all one needs to do is think of Argo for a recent example of how a historical event with a known outcome can still be told in a thrilling and entertaining way. We're trusting that Spielberg, Hanks and their screenwriter Matt Charman have found that angle for this story.

The one big caveat to report right now is that Spielberg is not 100% confirmed to direct the movie. It has joined a small handful of films he's picking from for his next project, the other two being Robopocalypse and Montezuma. As appealing as a robo-war and a historical epic are, the combo of Hanks and Spielberg together again has us pulling for this untitled project over the competition, and we'll certainly let you know if it does see the light of day.





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