Spidey Woes, Ass-Kicking, and Eclipse Leaks

Spidey Woes, Ass-Kicking, and Eclipse Leaks

Jan 08, 2010

  •  Superego Sam Raimi is clashing with Sony Spider-Man 4’s next villain: Raimi = Vulture (= Sucky). Sony = Pretty much anyone else. Which can only mean that now the pic will likely be released later than its originally planned May 6, 2011 date. UPDATE: Sony has announced Raimi, Maguire and Dunst are all out of the picture, with a new team and reboot slated for 2012. Pow!
  •  A Good Ass-Kicking Yeah, Kick-Ass has been all over the Buzz Bin in recent weeks, and for good reason.
  •  Much Ado Over Nothing Twihards went bonkers this week over reports of an Eclipse early script leak with Jackson Rathbone’s (Jasper) name all over it. Barnes & Noble has the book, if y'all didn't know.
  •  Can You Picture That? A new generation is meeting the Muppets, who are enjoying another turn in the spotlight thanks to Disney’s PR push (Kermit and his plush pals have appeared on everything from America's Got Talent to Extreme Makeover: Home Edition) and have a TV special and feature film in the works. Can you get behind it? Fer shurely...
  •  2 Much 3D Look! It’s the way of the future—how we’ll soon all be watching movies at home! Hooray - ?
  •  R You Serious? Some do-gooding meddlers people apparently have enough time on their hands to mount a campaign to slap an automatic R rating on any movie in which an actor lights up a cig. Because, you know, all teenagers will copy what they see in Avatar. Won’t they?

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