Nerd News: More 'Spider-Man' Sequels, Marvel's Netflix Shows, 'Sin City 3' and a Great Pic of 'Godzilla'

Nerd News: More 'Spider-Man' Sequels, Marvel's Netflix Shows, 'Sin City 3' and a Great Pic of 'Godzilla'

Feb 26, 2014

Spider-Man 2

Sony is really banking on the fact that people love The Amazing Spider-Man. The studio has the second film in the rebooted franchise coming out later this year, and director Marc Webb is already locked down to do a third film with a 2016 release date already in place.

That’s just the beginning, though. Sony wants to capitalize on their one piece of Marvel goodness and they plan to do so by releasing a new Spider-Man movie every year. Granted, these won’t all be the mega blockbuster main series titles, but even doing Spidey side stories at that clip seems like a massive undertaking. Is there enough material in the Spider-Man universe to keep up this pace? Maybe if Venom and Carnage get their own films… [via Variety]

NYC plays host to Marvel’s Netflix Series

New York City is an important location in the Marvel universe, so it makes sense that the company would want to film its various new Netflix series in the confines of the Big Apple. Thanks to a deal struck between Disney and the city, that dream will now become a reality.

Disney boss Bob Iger and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo reached a deal that will allow Disney to shoot all 60 (or more) episodes of the four shows in the city, while getting roughly four million in tax incentives. Housing the series in NYC is expected to create 3,000 new jobs, including 400 full-time positions. I’d have guessed it would have created more full-time gigs… [via The Wrap]

Robert Rodriguez sin city

Sin City 3 in the works?

We’ve been waiting nine long years for Sin City: A Dame to Kill For to hit theaters (it finally does this August…), but if Frank Miller has his way, you won’t be waiting so long for a return trip. Robert Rodriguez revealed the co-director already has plans for a third installment…

“Yeah—the second Sin City– I was just here with Frank Miller last night and we were watching it last night. [We] finished the cut, effects are being done, it will come out in August. He [Miller] watched Part 2—he watched it last night with me and then at the end he said, he didn’t have any comments, he was very happy with it. And he said, now about part three…. Started telling me how he’s going to do part three. So he’s already there on part three.”

Are you ready for a third trip to Sin City? [via JoBlo]

Godzilla goes to war in new image

We're totally nerdgasming over all this new Godzilla stuff – and the latest bit of awesomeness comes in the form of Empire Magazine’s regular edition cover. In it, you can see the giant green monster squaring off with some very intimidated looking soldiers.

Godzilla stomps into theaters this May. [via Coming Soon]

Godzilla empire cover


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