Spider-Man Musical Crash-Lands on Broadway with a Thud

Spider-Man Musical Crash-Lands on Broadway with a Thud

Nov 29, 2010

Could it be the biggest flop in Broadway history, or do people need to give it a little time to, um, grow? The first ever "preview" of the new Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark musical was held last night, and while people survived to live another day, many had some pretty awful things to say about Broadway's most expensive production ever.

Apparently $65 million buys you a host of technical issues, as the show was reportedly stopped upwards of five times thanks to technical snafus. The New York Post called it an "epic flop," claiming the score (from U2's Bono and The Edge) was "dull" and that the script was "baffling."

Things were so bad that Act I ended early with Spider-Man stuck dangling above audience members while crews behind stage worked to bring him down. When another stoppage came in Act II, a bunch of theatergoers actually walked out, while one woman heckled the cast by calling it a dress rehearsal and not an actual stage production.

In all fairness (as idiotic as this entire production looks from the outside), it pretty much was a dress rehearsal. That's what "previews" are for -- to work out whatever kinks there are so that when the show actually begins in January, there (hopefully) won't be any more problems.

And here's hoping they do solve those high-flying problems, because if they don't, then Spidey will have to go up against his toughest opponent yet: an angry audience who wants their money back.

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