Spider-Man Cast, New Pee-wee Adventure, Paranormal 2 Teaser, and Stupid Movie Titles

Spider-Man Cast, New Pee-wee Adventure, Paranormal 2 Teaser, and Stupid Movie Titles

Jul 01, 2010

  •  And the New Spider-Man Is... Some kid who strikes me weirdly as looking like a young Barry Manilow named Andrew Garfield is taking over for Tobey Maguire the next time Peter Parker swings from the heavens in his Spidey suit. If you asked "Who?" you're not alone. And if you care, he apparently appeared in Redford's Lions for Lambs.
  •  I Know You Are... It’s been a long time coming, but finally Pee-wee Herman will get his just deserves, and not in Jay Leno’s salad bar. Judd Apatow is developing (though not directing) a new “gigantic adventure” to be co-written by Pee-wee himself. His recent stage show was a hit, and it’s great to hear this news.
  •  Psy-fi The teaser trailer for Paranormal 2, out Oct. 22, has been released and this time they've added a dog and a baby. Doesn’t the dog always get it in this kind of movie?
  •  Title FAIL Love to meet the brilliant marketing sack who came up with the title of the next Final Destination movie: 5nal Destination. Counter-intuitive pronunciation aside, is it me, or does that look more like “Snal Destination” “Banal Destination”…or something else, beginning with the letter A?
  • Blunderland Mia Wasikowska, unknown before Tim Burton’s moneymaking juggernaut Alice in Wonderland, tells MTV she doesn’t think there needs to be a sequel. She won’t think so, until they come offering her a $10 million check.

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