The Spelunking Shocker Sanctum Plummets Home on June 7

The Spelunking Shocker Sanctum Plummets Home on June 7

Mar 31, 2011

James Cameron executive produced Sanctum, which is based on the true story of co-writer Andrew Wight's near-death experience of leading a diving expedition into a system of underwater caves only to become trapped. Sanctum employs the same 3D filming technique that Cameron employed on Avatar, an effect that upstages the largely unknown cast.

Universal will release the cave-diving thriller on Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray and DVD on June 7. Special features include commentaries, deleted and extended scenes, "Sanctum: The Real Story" and the BD exclusive "Nullarbor Dreaming"—a documentary that follows a team of cave divers and their fateful exploration of a giant cave system in Western Australia. Although critics didn't warm up to the film and blamed the "lifeless cast," most agreed that the use of 3D was better than most, so we recommend checking out the Blu-ray 3D version if you can.

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