Movie News: 'Space Jam 2' Rumor Denied; Jack O'Connell, Rising Action Star; Watch 'Veronica Mars' at Home or in Theaters

Movie News: 'Space Jam 2' Rumor Denied; Jack O'Connell, Rising Action Star; Watch 'Veronica Mars' at Home or in Theaters

Feb 24, 2014

Space Jam

Space Jam 2: Fans of the 1996 animated/live-action movie Space Jam were excited to hear that a sequel was supposedly in development as a starring vehicle for LeBron James. But James quickly denied knowing anything about the project, even though he acknowledged the original was one of his favorite movies. A sequel has been under consideration for years. [Deadline/Sun Sentinel via The Playlist]

Section 6: Is Jack O'Connell the next Hollywood action star? O'Connell, 23, stars in Angelina Jolie's upcoming epic Unbroken, and is now in final negotiations to star as a spy in Section 6, a potential action-movie franchise for Universal. The story revolves around the formation of the British intelligency agency MI6 during World War I. O'Connell next appears in 300: Rise of an Empire, due out on March 7. [The Wrap]

Veronica Mars: In an unusual move for a release by a major studio, Warner Bros. will make Veronica Mars available in theaters on March 14, the same day it's available to watch at home via various Video On Demand platforms. The studio stresses that it's not a change to its usual distribution pattern, but is in honor of the Kickstarter campaign in which fans donated more than $5.7 million toward production. The film will open in 270 theaters nationwide. [Variety]

The Knick Teaser: Steven Soderbergh may have retired from making feature-length films for the big screen, but that hasn't stopped him from directing all 10 episodes of an upcoming series for Cinemax. The Knick is set in New York in 1900; Clive Owen stars as a doctor in the medical drama. The teaser offers only a few bloody images, but it's still pretty unsettling; the series debuts this summer. [Cinemax]

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