Sound Off: Who Should Direct 'Thor 2'?

Sound Off: Who Should Direct 'Thor 2'?

Dec 09, 2011

What sounded like a pretty cool combination of Marvel-ous mayhem and indie-style insight has now, unfortunately, dissolved. A few days ago, we reported that director Patty Jenkins (she directed the award-winning Monster in 2003) is no longer attached to direct Chris Hemsworth in the upcoming sequel to the summer hit Thor. Thor 2 is scheduled to hit theaters in late 2013, but obviously the next order of business is to hire a new helmsperson. New reports claim Marvel is looking at Alan Taylor and Daniel Minahan, who both have worked extensively on Game of Thrones.

Those guys may work and all, but this commentator would like to throw a few names into the ring: For one: Neil Marshall. Between Centurion and Doomsday the man has already showed some serious skill with the action scenes, plus his earlier horror flicks (Dog Soldiers and The Descent) are just all sorts of cool. Plus he's been hired to direct some of that awesome Game of Thrones series that everyone's been screaming about. (I really need to watch the first season.) Anyway, just an idea. I'm sure Marvel has a hundred directors who'd stab a goat to direct Thor 2.

Or why not Kathryn Bigelow? Yes, she's probably a little too smart for a project like this, but hey, Kenneth Branagh is some sort of super-wizard-genius, and he directed the first Thor. Aside from the stark intensity of The Hurt Locker, Ms. Bigelow has exhibited some fine genre chops in films like Near Dark and Strange Days. She's probably a bit busy with other things, but I still thought it a cool idea. (Another option from the non-male gender: Lexi "Punisher: War Zone" Alexander.)

And then there's my go-to wish-list pick for just about any action project: Peter Berg. He did Hancock, The Kingdom, The Rundown, he's got a weird sense of humor, and he knows how to give actors cool stuff to do.

Or if Marvel really wants to win over a few new movie geeks, they'd give Joe Dante a call and see what he thinks of Thor..

I went to Twitter with the same question, and here was some of the response ...

@pzomb: Uwe Boll, just for the fun of it.

@AmosPosner: Mamet. I want 140 minutes of comic book action in 95
minutes of repartee.

@bullet_ego: 1990's era Sam Raimi

@ericdsnider: Think about how amazing it would be if they got Alfred
Hitchcock to do it.

@sonic43: Paul Greengrass (yes, I can defend this statement)

@AJMeadows:'d be cool to see a Ryan Johnson Thor movie. Or Edgar Wright

@jet_set: Lars Von Trier. Only Thor should be a woman who is harangued
until she commits suicide.

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