First 12-Minutes of 'Sound of My Voice,' but Here's Why You Should Wait to Watch

First 12-Minutes of 'Sound of My Voice,' but Here's Why You Should Wait to Watch

Feb 16, 2012

Today Fox Searchlight gave our pals at /Film the debut of the first twelve minutes of Sound of My Voice, a film we here at are huge, huge fans of. And to that end, we would like to recommend you not actually watch the first twelve minutes. So why are we bringing it to you, then? Well, because we're huge, huge fans of Sound of My Voice.

Promo pushes like this are a catch 22. On the one hand, the Zal Batmanglij-directed, Brit Marling-starring sci-fi film deserves to build all the awareness it possibly can. It's a smart, engrossing film about a couple trying to infiltrate and expose a cult whose leader claims to be from the future. It's got a sharp, clever script and great performances all around. At the same time, though, it's a movie that deserves to be experienced all in one sitting and with as little foreknowledge as possible. Sure, a plot description and a trailer are fine, but we do think you should just wait until the film comes out on April 27th to see every contiguous second of it.

If you can't wait that long, though. If you're just dying to see what Sound of My Voice is like, do feel free to hit play below. It's hardly going to ruin the movie for you, in fact we're sure it'll just make you want to keep watching. All we're saying is that if you're the type of person who likes their sci-fi with more emphasis on the script and less on the spectacle - films like Primer and The Man From Earth come to mind - the entire film is well worth the wait.

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