Sound the Loser Alarm -- Olivia Wilde is Now Single!

Sound the Loser Alarm -- Olivia Wilde is Now Single!

Feb 08, 2011

I have no idea how you get with a girl after she was married to a prince. How do you even compare your stupid little two-bedroom condo off a busy intersection to, like, a palace? Regardless, some dude is going to have to try eventually, as Hollywood's latest "Hottest Girl on the Planet," Olivia Wilde, has separated from her husband and is looking to shack up with guys who have TRON fetishes. Yeah, you wish. (Or, actually, I wish.)

Yes, for those slower folks in the back, Olivia Wilde is the girl from TRON: Legacy, and she's also an actress who's star is on the rise big time. She'll be appearing in several big movies over the next couple years, including Cowboys & Aliens this summer, as well as a third TRON film. So, taking all this into consideration, the girl has decided to dump the Italian prince she's been married to since she was a teenager in order to explore her other options (ie: sleep around, Hollywood-style). Her ex-husband, the prince, is reportedly heartbroken. Um, dude, you're a prince -- get over it by holding auditions for your next piece of arm candy.

A pal of hers claims Wilde called it off because she feels like she missed out on being single after getting married so young, and, well, now that she doesn't need Italian prince money anymore, the actress would like to "sow her wild oats," or screw the guy who works at 7-Eleven just because she can. Good for her!

(Now someone pass her my number STAT!)

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