Sorry 'Justice League' Fans, Hans Zimmer Has Retired From Superhero Music

Sorry 'Justice League' Fans, Hans Zimmer Has Retired From Superhero Music

Mar 30, 2016

Hans Zimmer

It's rare that people who work strictly behind the camera on movies become household names. It happens to directors and writers if their movies either make enough money or stir enough controversy, but the household name status usually stops with those crew positions. 

Unless you're a composer like Hans Zimmer.

The German-born artist has been so integral to the music of some of the most popular movies ever made that even casual fans have come to associate his name with loud, epic music. Sure, Zimmer has been responsible for some quiet, restrained scores (Rain Man and The Ring come to mind), but it's his bombastic work on movies like Pirates of the Caribbean, The Rock, Sherlock Holmes and Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy that really get most fans riled up. That's also why some of those fans are bound to get a little disappointed: Hans Zimmer is retiring from superhero movies.

Before everyone freaks out, we need to stress "from superhero movies" a second time. Zimmer wrote the music for Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises, and Man of Steel, but apparently Batman v Superman has tapped him out on the genre.

He's not too shy about the reason, either. It's hard enough to come up with one original Batman theme that can span across a trilogy, it gets even more complicated when you have to come up with an entirely different set of music to accompany a new Batman. That's why he asked Junkie XL to handle the Batman parts on Snyder's latest movie. But now it looks like he's done with Superman, Wonder Woman and the rest of the gang entirely, confessing to the BBC "I have officially retired from the superhero business."

Zimmer had actually been reluctant to even do Batman v Superman in the first place, saying back in 2013 that he didn't know if he'd return for the Man of Steel sequel. And if you're thinking, "But Hans, bubby! You're our white knight! You can't quit!" just make sure you watch that video above. From the fan perspective, these are just a few movies. From Zimmer's perspective, it's over a decade of his life's work. And now that Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg and the Flash are all going to be needing their own themes and scores, he's looking down the barrel of another decade and, understandably, putting his hands up.

There is no word yet on who Snyder will now ask to do the Justice League score, but we have to imagine that Junkie XL is already at the top of the list. It probably won't take too long to find out for sure-- Justice League is supposed to start filming in April. 



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