Soon You Can Own One of the Strangest Movie-Related Toys We've Ever Seen

Soon You Can Own One of the Strangest Movie-Related Toys We've Ever Seen

Feb 20, 2013

Yes, that is indeed a toy version of Biff's manure-filled car from Back to the Future. Yes, that means a company is currently readying a movie tie-in toy featuring a mountain of sh*t pouring onto a guy who's only visible body part is an arm that's desperately crying out for help.

And yes, we'd totally buy one.

The toy comes from a new line of Shakems (think bobbleheads) from Factory Entertainment, who recently displayed prototypes that we're told are still in the approval stages (due out in Q3 of this year), which means that giant mound of crap may be touched up a bit to more closely resemble the lighter shade of crap featured in the movie. If we're going to buy toy crap, we'd at least like it to be authentic toy crap, right fans?

Furthermore, if we're going to buy toy crap related to the Back to the Future series, we kinda prefer Buford 'Mad Dog' Tannen's experience with manure from Back to the Future III, especially the part when he spits out a mouthful of the stuff in huge cringe-worthy chunks. Can they turn that into a Shakem?

[hat tip to Vivek Bhat, via Heavy Future]


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