Could Interactive Advertising Make Movie Trailers Cooler?

Could Interactive Advertising Make Movie Trailers Cooler?

Aug 28, 2012

Sony interactive tv drawing

Don’t look now, but Sony has plans to make advertising more interactive. The days of going to the bathroom during a commercial break could be coming to an end…

The electronics giant was recently granted a patent that will presumably allow them to work on making the barrage of commercials interrupting your favorite programs more entertaining – or annoying, depending on your perspective.

According to an article at Digital Trends, the patent came with a series of sketches highlighting how Sony hopes to make commercials more engaging in the future. The methods include turning ads into interactive mini-games, audience participation, and allowing viewers to select the “tone” of their commercials. Some of this is already in use – sites like Hulu claim to tailor ads to the user based on feedback and often launch episodes of shows by allowing the audience to select their own personal advertising. However, Hulu never forces you to turn on your webcam and scream out “McDonald’s” to end a commercial early and get back to your program – which is something we see happening in the sketch above.

The fact that some of these methods utilize Sony’s underperforming PlayStation Move motion controller and the PS Eye camera and Dualshock controllers is not lost on us – it seems pretty obvious that Sony is every bit as interested in increasing peripheral sales as it is in making advertising more fun.

That being said, the idea isn’t a complete abomination (it’s just 95% abomination by our admittedly unscientific calculations) because we see where interesting things could be done to promote movies with this sort of interactive advertising. Imagine “playing” the newest Avengers trailer through a motion control scheme that required a few simple hand gestures at various junctures. Even the non-gamers could get involved because there’d be no failing – different moves at the prompts would simply reveal different parts of the trailer. That could make people actually want to watch and interact with a clip more than one time just to see everything. Targeted advertising could also allow you to select trailers for genres that were more interesting to you than others. Sure, these are small things – and advertising works pretty well as its currently configured -- but we’re looking for something positive here…

What do you guys think? Would you want interactive advertising that allowed you to “play” commercials or does this whole thing sound like an evil ploy to make you watch commercials instead of muting them? Would you be willing to shout out brand names or play games to make commercials shorter? Sound off below.   

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