Forget 3D Glasses, Sony Has Entire Home Theater Glasses

Forget 3D Glasses, Sony Has Entire Home Theater Glasses

Sep 01, 2011

Sony Home Theater Glasses

I know what you're thinking.  You've seen the "home theater in a headset" gizmo sold in in-flight magazines before.  It's admittedly not a revolutionary concept, but what separates Sony's new HMZ-T1 head-mounted movie-watching wonder from its older Sky Mall brethern is the tech behind it [via BoingBoing].  

Hidden inside that visor are two tiny OLED displays (seriously, each piece is smaller than an inch wide) that are each packing a staggering 1280x720 pixel density, which is then filtered through some equally tiny lenses in order to trick your eyes into thinking you're sitting dead center in front of a 62.5 foot cinema screen.  And since each lens is capable of displaying a different image simultaneously, this badboy can do 3D no problem.

To go with that massive screen is a custom set of 5.1 headphones, all fed from a small processor unit that can take an HMDI input from, well, anything that has an HDMI out.  So if you want to watch a 3D Blu-ray of Piranha from a PS3, that's not a problem. Want to load up WoW instead?  Just plug in a PC w/ HDMI out.  The HMZ-T1 can handle it all.  Oh, and the entire headset weighs less than a pound.

So what do you think a crazy device like this should cost?  A couple grand, right?  Wrong. When this awesome bit of future tech hits in November, it'll cost a surprisingly accessible $785.  

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