Someone Designed a Real-Life 'Harry Potter' Cat House

Someone Designed a Real-Life 'Harry Potter' Cat House

Oct 12, 2011

Crazy cat lady alert: someone had a 9-foot tall Harry Potter house built for their kitties. Fan Laura Marshall wanted her cats to have their very own Burrow — the magical and quirky family home of the Weasleys — and Harry Potter's hangout. Wil Whitehouse was the woodworker who built the whole thing based off of some images Marshall shared from the films. 

"It's meant to be out of square and out of level because it's held up by magic in the movie and we wanted to capture that feeling so it's actually stick built," he told Fox Houston. It took 300 hours to built the cat's new home — along with 16,000 hand-cut shingles, 144 roof rafters, 40 2x4s, 18 windows, 102 windowpanes, and a gallon and a half of glue. Marshall added the finishing touches, which include stained glass, plants, doors, stairs, and other fancy feline details.
Marshall takes issue with the crazy cat lady term (sorry!) and wants people to know she considers this more of a work of art than anything else. Interested parties can even visit the house at Whitehouse's workshop where it will be on display until October 20th.

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