Sofia Coppola's Monster Movie, Plus: Watch Her Early Short Film 'Lick the Star'

Sofia Coppola's Monster Movie, Plus: Watch Her Early Short Film 'Lick the Star'

Jul 01, 2013

There's something really intimate and personal about this W Magazine video of Sofia Coppola, a filmmaker who, like her father, Francis Ford Coppola, doesn't spend a whole lot of time in the spotlight. Most of what we know about Sofia Coppola comes from her films, many of which are directly connected to feelings and people and experiences she grew up with. Here she talks a lot about her life growing up in the Coppola household; about how her first-ever movie as a child was a monster movie, and how the trials and tribulations of seventh grade played such a critical part in the type of filmmaker she'd grow up to become. Our favorite story is the one she tells about the homework assignment where instead of writing a paper about George Washington, her father helped her make a Claymation short instead. 

This is about as open and accessible as we've ever seen Coppola, and it's a great way to learn more about who she is, why she is and how she works. [via Filmmaker IQ]

And speaking of seventh grade, that's the setting for Coppola's second short film, Lick the Star, which she wrote and directed in 1998, one year before her feature debut, The Virgin Suicides. Both films are very much about the feelings of anger, disillusionment and isolation that often come with being a teenage girl. 

In the video above, Coppola says this about Lick the Star: "I made this short film called Lick the Star based on some stuff that happened in junior high. That was the first time I felt things clicked and it kind of came naturally -- I knew how to do that. It was about... in my old junior high in seventh grade, one of the girls had a whole plan to poison the boys with rat poison and not kill them, but weaken them. I was interested in the whole dynamics of girls at that age; that they're really the meanest creatures in the world in seventh grade. And it incorporated all the things that I liked: I liked clothes and music and photography."


Lick the Star from Haylley Elite on Vimeo.



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