So Which Michael Bay Film Featured the Most Explosions?

So Which Michael Bay Film Featured the Most Explosions?

Nov 02, 2011

The man's obsession with on-screen explosions is what has helped make Michael Bay one of Hollywood's go-to directors for ridiculously overpriced action blockbusters. But just how many explosions has he featured in his films over the years? Is it really the obnoxious amount silly viral videos would lead us to believe? Short answer: F*cking hell yeah!

Thanks to a series of new infographics highlighting the career of one Michael Bay over at Frankenspace, we can now safely agree that, yes, he's definitely gone overboard with the explosions. Not so much in the beginning, as Bad Boys only featured 18 explosions and The Rock had 22, but then that number slowly rises (162 for Pearl Harbor) to the point where Transformers: Dark of the Moon featured an absurd 283 explosions. How do you even write a script with 283 explosions? That's more than one explosion for each minute of screen time! Total number of explosions in Michael Bay movies according to this chart: 992. Almost at 1,000, but not quite (take us to the promise land Transformers 4).

Check out a couple of these infographics below, and the rest over at Frankenspace.

[via Movieline]

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