So What's Up with Ashton Kutcher's Bizarre Anti-Sex Trafficking Commercials?

So What's Up with Ashton Kutcher's Bizarre Anti-Sex Trafficking Commercials?

Apr 13, 2011

Now that celebs are beginning to get bored of the tragedy in Japan -- not to mention the fact that the earthquake in Haiti was, like, sooo last year at this point -- they need a new cause to all get behind. This week, that cause appears to be sex trafficking, and in order to do his part in spreading the word on sex trafficking (because the first person sex traffickers will listen to is so obviously Ashton Kutcher), the actor has produced a series of ads featuring a number of well-known celebrities. Problem is, the ads are so weird, tonally, that it's hard to get past the awkwardness of them in order to truly understand what it is they're trying to accomplish.

Even Kutcher himself admits they were going for that "offbeat feel of Funny or Die," which is sort of odd because you're immediately comparing anti sex-trafficking ads to a site that produces all sorts of comedic videos. Are we supposed to have a chuckle while coming to terms with the fact that sex trafficking is bad? The whole idea of these ads is to show what real men do (according to Sean Penn, real men iron their grilled cheese sandwiches), and then conclude by telling us that real men don't buy girls.

Look, sex trafficking is bad, we all know that. And I'm not sure sticking a bunch of pretty celebrities in ads directed by another pretty celebrity is going to make sex trafficking look as ugly as it should. That's what they should be going for here -- these ads just reek of "Hey, pass us around the internet because we feature celebrities" instead of, "Hey, look how nasty and ugly sex trafficking is, and how horrible of a problem it is around the world." Maybe next time Kutcher should save money and just show people clips from his previous film. Now that's ugly.

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