So What's Tonight's Big Secret Screening at Fantastic Fest? Check Out the Five Biggest Rumors

So What's Tonight's Big Secret Screening at Fantastic Fest? Check Out the Five Biggest Rumors

Sep 28, 2011

Two things are certain at this point: Tonight there will be a secret screening of a film at Fantastic Fest, and all signs are pointing to it being a big studio film. Other than that folks are still pretty much in the dark regarding the film that's about to screen this evening, though that certainly hasn't stopped people from throwing out wild guesses all week long. The secret screenings are always a big topic of discussion at Fantastic Fest each year. Previously we've seen films like There Will Be Blood, Apocalypto, The Brothers Bloom, A Serious Man, and The Skin I Live In (secret screened earlier this week) quietly surprise the festival crowd, and now folks have been bracing for what's being billed at this year's biggest secret screening later on today.

So what is it? Well we've been hearing all sorts of wild rumors over the past week -- from films that have absolutely no chance of screening because they're not done yet, to films that are already out in theaters. We've rounded up the five biggest rumors out there and will let you know the chances each film has of actually screening.

1. Paranormal Activity 3 -- This is the favorite right now since the first Paranormal Activity premiered at Fantastic Fest, and the third one is due out in less than a month. It's the film folks have been buzzing about the most, and it's the one that makes the most sense right now. Chances of this screening: Excellent

2. The Avengers -- Every time we heard someone seriously mention The Avengers as a potential secret screening, we laughed. And we laughed because the film just finished production and is in no shape to screen to any sort of audience at this point, so get this one out of your heads. Chances of this screening: Poor

3. Hugo -- The Martin Scorsese film is due out within the next two months, and it makes sense to bring a film about the love of movies to a festival that really loves its movies. Chances of this screening: Good

4. The Adventures of Tintin -- Though the film isn't due to hit American theaters until the end of December, it will arrive in UK theaters next month. That has some feeling like Fantastic Fest would be the perfect place to launch it, though with names like Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson involved -- not to mention all the motion-capture work being done -- we don't feel like a) it's ready for an audience, or b) the studio feels like this is the appropriate place to launch. Chances of this screening: Fairly Decent

5. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol -- The action sequel is due out in December, and when some heard that Paramount may or may not be on the ground in Austin, this was one of the first titles mentioned (and it's also the reason why this list is heavy with Paramount movies). Still, though, this sort of effects-heavy blockbuster can't be ready to be seen just yet. Chances of this happening: Impossible


6. Looper (Wild Card) -- This film wasn't even on our radar because it doesn't hit theaters till the end of September 2012, but director Rian Johnson has been tweeting that he's traveling down to Austin for Fantastic Fest randomly toward the end of the festival. Is he going just to catch a few cool movies? Maybe. Or maybe he's gonna shock the crowd by bringing an early cut of his upcoming sci-fi crime flick Looper. Chances of this screening: Hmmm ...

Which film do you hope to get the skinny on when it secret screens later on today?

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