So What Did Kevin Bacon Think of the 'Footloose' Remake?

So What Did Kevin Bacon Think of the 'Footloose' Remake?

Oct 25, 2011

Obviously the thing to do when a big, splashy Hollywood remake comes out is to track down the actors featured in the original to see what they thought of the new version. The 1984 Footloose helped Kevin Bacon launch his Hollywood career, and while he doesn't want people to remember him solely for that one performance, he's always remained cordial when discussing the role that made him a star. Right before the Footloose remake hit theaters, Bacon stopped by Rosie O'Donnell's new show to comment on the remake, saying he'd definitely be seeing it. Well, Bacon kicked off those Sunday shoes this past Sunday afternoon when he took in a screening of the film. Did he like it?

We'd say so. Following the screening, Bacon tweeted, "F-Loose! Just saw it. Congrats to Craig, Kenny, Julianne, Dennis,Andie, Miles, and the rest of the cast. U guys rocked it!"

Well there ya go. That makes up for a tweet earlier in the day in which Bacon criticized the Footloose marketing campaign, saying, "Just saw a TV ad for FLoose. Marketing a remake by putting down the orig? A bit lame dont ya think?"

But whatever -- Kevin Bacon has given the Footloose remake his stamp of approval, and now the world is right again. All that's left to do is watch this fan-made, scene-by-scene remake of the original Footloose created by over 50 amateur filmmakers from around the world because ... why not.

Our Footloose Remake (Full Movie) from DaveAOK on Vimeo.



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