So, There's a Musical Version of John Carpenter's 'The Thing'

So, There's a Musical Version of John Carpenter's 'The Thing'

Oct 11, 2011

If you're still horrified that there's a prequel to John Carpenter's The Thing arriving in theaters this Friday, watch this musical version of the 1982 movie — because you probably need a good laugh. If you're not familiar with the film, then shame on you — it follows the paranoid and bloody events surrounding a group of men trapped on an Antarctic research station. You probably remember Jon and Al Kaplan as the duo who made showtuney versions of Silence of the Lambs, Schindler's List, and Conan the Barbarian. Now they've set their sites on the Carpenter sci-fi classic. Big band sounds — with singing by Nick Amado — set to horrific images from the film are gleefully twisted and will recall the swinging Rat Pack days of yore. Check it out below and try not to sing this catchy number all day long


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