First 'Snowpiercer' Image Drips with Postapocalyptic Desperation

First 'Snowpiercer' Image Drips with Postapocalyptic Desperation

Jan 16, 2013

A train powered by a perpetual-motion engine glides through a frozen postapocalyptic landscape. Onboard are the last survivors of a new, man-made ice age that killed all other life on the planet. But all is not hopeful on the train, as a class system has emerged and it seems a revolution is on the horizon.

That's the plot of Snowpiercer, and it would be highly anticipated regardless of who was directing it, but it just so happens this is the English-language debut of the phenomenal South Korean filmmaker Joon-ho Bong, the director of Memories of Murder, Mother and The Host. So, you can imagine why we're more than a little excited at every little glimpse of the film we get, be it concept art, a sample of the score, or the very first image from the film.

What you see above appeared online at an unidentified Tumblr dedicated to the film, and you can spot what looks like some green screen outside the train's windows, so it may not be a final image from the film, but it's certainly enough to whet our appetites. And what you see appears to show Song Kang-ho (The Host) living in the desperate squalor of the lower-class cabins. Contrast it with some of the concept art below, and we're finally getting a feel for the kind of world Bong is crafting here.

Snowpiercer will hit at some point in 2013, and it stars Chris Evans, Jamie Bell, Alison Pill, John Hurt, Tilda Swinton, Octavia Spencer, Kang-ho Song, Ed Harris and Ewen Bremner.

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