The Alamo Drafthouse Has a Very Special Way for You to See the Kick-ass 'Snowpiercer' Early

The Alamo Drafthouse Has a Very Special Way for You to See the Kick-ass 'Snowpiercer' Early

Jun 03, 2014

For years now the folks at the Alamo Drafthouse have been changing the way people see movies. They've got a highly publicized no-talking policy. Instead of ads before a movie, they show vintage clips relating to the movie. They don't admit people into the theater after a movie has started. You select your seat(s) ahead of time, so there's no need to get to the theater an hour early. And you can order some pretty fantastic food and drinks while you watch.

It's a great, great way to see a movie. But every now and then the Drafthouse pushes the movie-watching experience even further with something called a Rolling Roadshow.

For these events, they screen a movie outside a theater at a venue with some kind of thematic connection to the movie. In the past they've done things like screen Jaws on a lake where everyone floats in inner tubes, or a canoe trip where everyone watches Deliverance at the the end, or Close Encounters of the Third Kind at Devil's Tower. And their latest Rolling Roadshow is one of the coolest yet. It's a Snowpiercer train event, with director Joon-Ho Bong in person.

If you're unfamiliar with Snowpiercer, it's the first English-language film from South Korean master Joon-Ho Bong (The Host, Memories of Murder), and it's about a future where Earth has completely frozen over and the only people still alive live aboard a train that is constantly circling the globe so that it will never freeze. There's a caste system on this train, though, and the abused people in the back of the train have finally decided to stand up to the higher class in the front. The person leading the revolt is none other than Captain America himself, Chris Evans. And along the way he'll encounter Tilda Swinton, Song Kang Ho, Jamie Bell, Octavia Spencer, Ewen Bremner, John Hurt and Ed Harris.

As for how the Rolling Roadshow comes into play, the Alamo Drafthouse has arranged for everyone to ride on an old steam train through the Texas Hill Country outside Austin, Texas, where it will eventually pull into a train station at which everyone will watch Snowpiercer outdoors at an impromptu movie theater constructed under the beautiful Texas night sky. After the movie is over, Drafthouse owner Tim League will host a Q&A with Bong about the film.

It's going to be glorious. And the great thing is, anyone can go to it. Just head over here to get your tickets and to learn more specifics about the event being held on June 21, 2014 (one week before it opens in theaters). Hope to see you there.


Snowpiercer hits U.S. theaters on June 27, 2014.





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