First Art from Tarsem Singh's 'Snow White' Reveals Beautiful Snowy Palace

First Art from Tarsem Singh's 'Snow White' Reveals Beautiful Snowy Palace

Jun 20, 2011

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Right now there's a fierce battle going on between two Snow White-related films that are both arriving in theaters only a few months apart next year. First there's Tarsem Singh's Untitled Snow White movie, which boasts Lilly Collins as Snow White, Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen and Armie Hammer as The Prince. The film was supposed to arrive in June of 2012, but when the other Snow White film -- Snow White and the Huntsman -- made a power play by moving a couple weeks ahead of it in June, Tarsem Singh's movie moved again to March 16th, where it looks to be staying put. Meanwhile, Snow White and the Hutsman stars Kristen Stewart as Snow White, Charlize Theron as the Evil Queen and Thor's Chris Hemsworth as The Huntsman, and it's due out on June 1st, 2012.

The main difference between the two is that Snow White and the Huntsman is a darker, more dramatic take on the material, while the Untitled Snow White movie is, as this new piece of poster art explains, a "comedic adventure." It's intriguing that Singh is in charge of the comedic version considering we haven't seen him do straight-up comedy yet. Furthermore, this first image -- of an isolated Snow White carefully approaching a majestic, Middle Eastern-looking snowy kingdom -- doesn't exactly give off a comedic vibe. That said, it does give us a taste of what to expect, visually, from Tarsem Singh, who will no doubt deliver the more visually exhilarating movie of the two. Question is, will that be enough? And will Singh's rich, dramatic visuals fit with the film's comedic tone?

What do you think?

[images via Coming Soon and The Hollywood Reporter]

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