Comic-Con/Panel/Images: Kristen Stewart Shows off Armor and Shield in 'Snow White and the Huntsman'

Comic-Con/Panel/Images: Kristen Stewart Shows off Armor and Shield in 'Snow White and the Huntsman'

Jul 23, 2011

Make no mistake: We are getting two very different Snow White movies next year.
Universal brought a first look at their upcoming Snow White film, Snow White and the Huntsman, to Comic-Con this year, and while images from the other Untitled Snow White film from Tarsem Singh show a more fantastical version that's light and fluffy in tone, this one -- which stars Kristen Stewart as Snow White and Charlize Theron as the Evil Queen -- looks pretty badass. Definetely not the animated Snow White we all grew up with.
Here are five info nuggets from the panel, as well as the just-released character photos.
1. Rupert Sanders, the director, likes to use visuals that stem from emotions. The majority of his previous experience has been in directing commercials and video game trailers such as HALO3.

2. Producer Joe Roth stated that they are looking to make a Lord of the Rings type of epic fantasy, and not a sweet and tame version. He said they wanted to make the definitive work that was true to the Grimm Brother’s tale. Director Rupert Sanders quipped, “It’s not about little tweetie birds and a girl sitting by a well.”

3. There are actually eight dwarfs in their film not seven. One gets killed off.

4. In order to give some visuals to the audience, Academy Awards winning costume designer Collen Atwood had three weeks to put together an iconic costume choice for the Prince, the Queen, the Huntsman, and Snow White. The biggest departure, visually, was Snow White in knight’s amour holding a shield. Kristen Stewart looked much more like Joan of Arc than a traditional Snow White.

5. On their iconic characters:
Sam Claflin: His Prince may not be as charming as in other versions
Charlize Theron: The Queen is like a serial killer.
Kristen Stewart: Snow White lacks any vanity whatsoever.
Chris Hemsworth: The Huntsman will be different that what people expect. 

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