Watch: 'Saturday Night Live' Gives Blockbuster Video a Proper Send-off

Watch: 'Saturday Night Live' Gives Blockbuster Video a Proper Send-off

Nov 18, 2013

SNL Blockbuster Video skit

As someone who spent most of the mid-1990s working for Blockbuster (unhappily, but I needed a gig), I wasn’t particularly broken up when it was announced recently that the video rental giant was finally going out of business for good. Blockbuster ushered in an era where homogenized crap was the order the day. Need a copy of Cop and a Half? Blockbuster had 75 of them in even its smallest locations (and can probably still give you a sweet deal on a previously viewed VHS copy). Want to see Scorsese’s Last Temptation of Christ? Sorry – you’re out of luck. You couldn’t even drive across town to rent it somewhere else because Blockbuster killed all those stores.

So, it’s been a bit weird seeing people get all nostalgic over the passing of Blockbuster Video. At least the guys at SNL managed to give the giant corporation a fitting send-off while making fun of the place in the process. Watch the amusing clip below, which features the staff coming to terms with the end of an era before being whisked off to some video rental Shangri-la where even Lady Gaga is cavorting amongst the VHS tapes.

Good riddance, Blockbuster. I’m astounded you survived as long as you did.

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